Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


Will the License Manager work on Windows and Macs?

The License Manager is a wordpress plugin that can be installed into a WordPress site on your own domain.
As it runs on a browser it doesn’t matter what operating system you use.

How do I setup this to work with my wordpress plugin I want to license?

There is a video in the members area, a pdf, as well as a sample plugin you can download.
The video goes through line-by-line on how to integrate.
Pretty simple stuff even for a beginner plugin or theme developer.
Feel free to pass on to your developer if you didn’t program the plugin or theme yourself.

How do I setup this to work with my .NET Windows Forms app that I want to license?

There is a separate section in the members area that details how to integrate licensing with a .NET Windows Forms desktop app.

How many sites can I install the License Manager on?

This depends on what version of the License Manager you bought.
Standard – 1 site
Pro – 3 sites
Enterprise – 5 sites
You may uninstall the License Manager plugin from one site and reinstall on another site.
Once the max number of sites is reached then no more installations can be made for that license.

If I uninstall the Licence Manager will I lose all my license data?

No. When you use the WordPress uninstall plugin feature, the database tables are not deleted.
This has been done on purpose so that if you upgrade to Pro or Enterprise your data stays intac

How secure is the Paypal license generation?

When a license generator is created and the ‘Use IPN’ box is checked, an optin form cannot be used to generate licenses.
An access code is synchronized with Paypal, as well as other security checks to deter any fraud IPN messages.
A license is only generated when an IPN is received from Paypal indicating that the funds have cleared from the Paypal transaction.
Before that time, no license will be generated or license emails sent to a possible customer.

How do I setup site registration for license holders?

Tick the box ‘Check license on site reg’ on a license generator that you create.
This will update the standard WordPress registration form with some extra fields, and also check that a license exists for the email address being used to register with.
This also currently works with the Simplr registration form plugin if you have it installed.

How do I setup site registration to work with the Simplr registration plugin?

You need to create a custom field called ‘name’. Do not use ‘first name’ and ‘last name’.

Is there support for other autoresponder services apart from Aweber?

Not at the moment, however our future release list does include enhanced support.
Autoresponder usage is not compulsory in a license generator, so in the meantime you can use facilities offered by payment facilitator such as JVZoo, Warrior Plus, etc…

Can I put the auto-generated download forms on sites that don’t have the License Manager installed on them?

Yes. This is unique feature of CopyProtectSoftware systems, where the generated optin form can be placed on any page on any site.
Form validation will continue to work as it communicates with the license manager from remote sites.
There is nothing stopping you from putting download forms on as many sites as you like..hint, hint.

Can I change the design of the opt-in/download forms?

Yes with a caveat. Do not remove the script tag above the form, leave the hidden input field and name, and email field names the same.

Can I buy the License Manager and install it on my client’s sites?

Yes. You must buy a version solely for use by your client – i.e you can’t use a personal copy on a client’s site if you have the Pro or Enterprise version.

Can I import existing licenses into the License Manager?

The Pro and Enterprise versions allow import functionality.

What do I do if a customer says that they didn’t get their license email?

Go to the Licenses area in the License Manager and select the customer’s license.
Then click ‘View Email’.
You can update any details you want and resend from there.

I didn’t receive my activation email for the License Manager

Login/register to CopyProtectSoftware, go to the members area and request an activation email.

How do I activate the License Manager plugin?

Refer to the product activation instructions in the Members area.

How do I update the License Manager plugin when updates are released?

Updates are automatically pushed up by our plugin update server.
More info in the members area.

Will this work to license a WordPress theme I developed?

Yes. Works exactly the same way as licensing a plugin.

How secure is the license protection?

No license protection is totally 100% secure.
We have made validation and activation as secure as we can to deter would be crackers from going to the effort of trying to null your software.
As updates are made to the License Manager security settings are monitored and upgraded where required.

What happens to the trial licenses when a customer decides to buy an upgraded license?

Any existing licenses for the same product are set to inactive where a customer with the same email address purchases a different license variation – such as upgrading from a trial version to say a full version.

Do I have to encrypt my plugin or theme after I have set it up with the licensing?

Well no, but you’d be crazy if you didn’t.
Just as simple as it is to integrate licensing with CopyProtectSoftware, it would be simple for a programmer to undo it if it is not encrypted in some form
Refer to the WordPress plugin guide on how to encrypt your code.

Do I have to follow the sample plugin instructions exactly or can I adapt to my own plugin?

You can customize no problem.
Please refer to the WordPress plugin guide in the Members area for instructions on how to customize.